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Discover the true meaning of a Spa break in the peace and tranquillity of the newly renovated Luxe Spa. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, we are committed to providing the ultimate in extravagance and relaxation. Luxe Spa treatments have been designed to encourage total comfort and well-being. 


Our Cancer Care Treatments

Due to the increased efficiency of Chemotherapy drugs available, the number of people living with cancer continues to increase every year.  This means cancer survivors are now living with the short term and long term side effects that come with these medications. Cancer Care Touch Therapies are unique treatments that are performed by specifically qualified therapists who can now identify these side effects and have learned how to bring comfort and compassion to their clients.

For a very long time, there has been a myth amongst beauty therapists, massage therapists and other skin care professionals in training schools, salons and spas, that massage should not be used on clients who have or have had cancer. Now, finally, we are able to put that myth to rest and offer these clients the comfort of massage and facial therapies that they desire. Massage is a highly effective and appreciated therapy amongst cancer clients and their families. It is physically and emotionally relaxing, it can reduce stress, anxiety and it provides substantial comfort to the client. Out of all the complementary therapies, massage is one of the most requested by clients and their families.

In recognition of the evolving and growing public interest in complementary therapies, the last fifteen years have seen numerous studies designed and undertaken to evaluate the effects of oncology massage. Today, oncologists and other healthcare professionals are encouraging cancer patients to engage in wellness activities such as walking, gentle exercise, massage, relaxation, meditation and visualisation.

Scientific studies show that cancer patients who are receiving massage have lower anxiety scores than those who aren’t receiving massage therapy. Although patients have said that they feel that the release in muscle tension can sometimes lead to pain relief and enhanced energy, feelings of deep relaxation, calm and wholeness are most commonly reported. Massage therapy is exactly what the cancer patient needs.

The Irish and American Cancer Societies endorse complementary therapies including gentle massage, music therapy and more. The American Cancer Society states; “Many patients that are stressed either physically or emotionally because of their illness find a real benefit from these therapies and develop an increased sense of well-being and an increased perception of their quality of life.”


“The real purpose of giving a massage, is to foster more depth of feeling for
one another in order to bring the love that is often buried beneath the
pain of everyday suffering”
Robert Calvert


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