On Yer Bike | Four Seasons Hotel, Carlingford

Carlingford is a beautiful area to explore by bicycle. There is also the option to hire a bicycle from "On Yer Bike" , a local business which provides bicycles for hire for all ages!!

"On Yer Bike"

"On Yer Bike" are a fun, friendly and professional bike hire company based in stunning Carlingford. Why not pack a picnic and head off on some top quality bikes around the Carlingford peninsula and the stunning Mourne Mountains while on your stay here?

They offer a great range of bikes and bike packages to suit you, your family or your group needs. They offer a professional, high standard of service on top class bikes - equipped, checked and adjusted to meet your particular needs (With safety in mind too!)

Book your bikes the adventure begins! Cycling in and around the Carlingford and Mourne area is a truly unique experience. They are based at Carlingford Marina which is only a short drive from the Four Seasons Hotel Carlingford, on one of the countries best loved Tain Trails, here in Carlingford Village.

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